PRIDE Troupe

PRIDE Troupe is one of our most visible and active programs. Approximately 100 high school youth are a part of the group. These young leaders all sign contracts promising to be drug-free and also committing to helping their peers be drug-free as well.

There are 5 columns of commitment in the PRIDE Troupe program.

The first and most visible is outreach.  PRIDE Troupe write, choreograph, and perform a dynamic 45 minute performance. The show consists of songs, dances, skits, and personal stories. The performance is presented to junior high and high school audiences at school assemblies throughout the area.

The 2nd column of commitment is Education. PRIDE Troupe members understand that they need to be aware of the latest trends regarding teenage drug use so they can be effective in their efforts to reduce it. At weekly meeting s and through e-mail, youth members learn about drug trends, statistics, and prevention strategies.

The 3rd column of commitment is socials. A big reason that our group is so large is that PRIDE Troupe enjoy hanging out with other teenagers who don’t drink and don’t pressure them to drink or use other drugs. Monthly socials include parties, lock-ins, movie nights, and other events for Amplify Youth members.

The 4th column of commitment is Community Service.  PRIDE Troupe members commit to making a difference in the community through service. Projects include work days at schools and nonprofit organizations, food drives, Christmas Adopt-A-Families, and other service oriented projects.

The 5th column of commitment is Advocacy.  PRIDE Troupe have learned that the above strategies/commitments can’t reduce substance use alone. More work has to be done on a community wide level. Environmental change strategies include assessing and changing laws and policies, alcohol advertising restrictions, and other strategies that affect a large group of people at a time.